‘SKYLINE SOLUTION’ has handled recruitments right from Management Trainee / Officer Level to Functional Heads position besides being quite strong in Executive hiring. Specific head hunting is the special skill demonstrated by ‘SKYLINE SOLUTION’, no matter whatever the industries & wherever the hunting is to be executed.

We possess the expertise to understand the critical issues facing your business and we offer comprehensive services that streamline process and reduce complexity of operations.

More importantly they are tailored to reduce costs & take your business to a new level of competitive advantage. Our strength is our team of professionals who are constantly dedicated towards the welfare of our Clients and our Customers. This way we all head towards a win – win situation.

The Customers are happy as they are placed correctly and the Client is happy because they hire someone who can really deliver as per their specific requirements.

We offer

IT & Telecom

IT and Telecom both are emerging industries now a days. They need innovation of fresh minds and talent of experienced ones so we offer both to our clients because innovation and experience leads to perfection.


India is a hub of all IT enabled services and hence has a wider scope which attract lots of job seekers to move towards this industry. We offer a wide range of experienced and professionals to our customers.



Financial Services



Oil & Gas Companies

Electric Power & Natural Gas

Infrastructure Companies


Entertainment & Media

In the group of major industries, Entertainment and Media shares an equal spot. High emerging industry with new challenge everyday requires effective and efficient manpower to make century in score. We provide dedicated and talented manpower with an ability to facilitate change in environment.

Education & Consultancy

Skyline Solution's Human Capital Management techniques helps organizations analyze workforce strengths and vulnerabilities, while surfacing opportunities and strategies that allow business leaders to proactively manage human capital. By providing a holistic view of your work force, Skyline Solution provides the solution that gives you the consistent and accurate answers needed for strategic decision making.

Travel, Transport & Logistics

Driven by globalization, travel, transport and logistics (TTL) industry is growing faster than many other sectors. To ensure lasting success, companies operating in this space, particularly in logistics and aviation, must keep their IT systems up to date, cut costs and become more eco-friendly. Our Travel, Transport & Logistics Practice helps clients transform challenges into growth opportunities and competitive advantage.