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N rhythm. Effective treatment begins with careful diagnosis using sleep diaries and perhaps sleep studies. Modifications in sleep hygiene may resolve the problem, but medical treatment is often warranted. Special equipment may be required for treatment of several disorders such as obstructive apnea, the circadian rhythm disorders and bruxism. In these cases, when severe, an acceptance of living with the disorder, however well managed, is often necessary. * 4 sleep medicine pediatric polysomnography. Due to rapidly increasing knowledge about sleep in the 20th century, including the discovery of rem sleep and sleep apnea, the medical importance of sleep was recognized. generic viagra online buy viagra online viagra for sale buy generic viagra cheap generic viagra viagra for sale buy viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription cheap generic viagra viagra for sale The medical community began paying more attention than previously to primary sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, as well as the role and quality of sleep in other conditions. By the 1970s in the usa, clinics and laboratories devoted to the study of sleep and sleep disorders had been founded, and a need for standards arose. Pediatric polysomnography. Sleep medicine is now a recognized subspecialty within internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, otolaryngology, psychiatry and neurology in the united states. Certification in sleep medicine shows that the specialist: "has demonstrated expertise in the diagnosis and management of clinical conditions that occur during sleep, that disturb sleep, or that are affected by disturbances in the wake-sleep cycle. This specialist is skilled in the analysis and interpretation of comprehensive polysomnography, and well-versed in emerging research and management of a sleep laboratory. " competence in sleep medicine requires an understanding of a myriad of very diverse disorders, many of which present with similar symptoms such as excessive daytime sleepiness, which, in the absence of volitional sleep deprivation, "is almost inevitably caused by an identifiable and treatable sleep disorder", such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, idiopathic central nervous system (cns) hypersomnia, kleine-levin syndrome, menstrual-related.

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